School. Thou art banished

So this is one of the first things i saw on WordPress and it feels like its right from my heart.

Anyone asking my teachers about my opinion on this would get to know how much i have complained about the “School System” to my teachers and Tried to convince them. I often joke that if i ever become a Minister, exams or rather Schools will be the first to go.

Don’t take me wrong. I said nothing about Education.

that the fine line i want to stress here.

Education : Yes

School System : no


somehow we’ve come to a point where both of these things are synonymous and this has to change.

Schools need a huge make-over, rather Surgery, because make-up wont make it look better.

  • Lets change the Subjects a bit and add some really useful things.
  • Ask the Students what they want
  • Freedom- give the child freedom to learn, what he wants to learn.

And a whole lot of other things but you get the point.


Hope you understand my point here!

feel free to Tell me if i’m wrong.




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