.EXE files not opening?

Well i know its frustrating to click on an icon, then wait, and then it turns out that nothing is opening.

well i once had a problem like this where my computer didn’t open any .exe file or rather Application even though i had clicked on the icon several times.


figures out there might be a whole lot of different reasons for it but the issue i had was a Simple Virus.

My advice is always keep an Anti-virus installed and active on your computer because that’ll keep your computer healthy and problem free for most of the time.

I recommend Avast which has a free version that is great on its own but if you want better features you can always buy the premium one.

Download Avast by clicking Here

So i downloaded it and ran the full scan which showed up that my computer had a whole lot of viruses accumulated from ages of internet surfing.

IT cleaned them well and almost like magic, all the .exe files started wokring like before.



Hope this helps you, but it might be that there is some other issue preveting the opening of .exe files. like here


and you might find other problems that result in the same symptom.

Hopefully that’ll solve your problem!


What’s a Web Host? and why do you need it.

If you’re here that means you’re trying to create a webste and are new to the World of Making Websites.

Sure , you’ve been surfing through the internet for years but do you know how it works?

When i first tried to make a website, i was amazed by how actually websites work and one of the most IMportant thing in creating a website is a Web Host.

We’ve all used the Windows and know how to get to a file in a particular folder. right?

Sometimes , in the address bar above the File Explorer you might have seen an address like




So that is how you access files.

Websites are no different. when you type in a URL in your Address bar of a Browser it takes you to that folder on the internet and open that file you’ve asked for. e.g.


so the browser goes to the folder on the internet and opens the Home.html file that is stored there. Yes. all the webpages you see, even this one, is actually a file stored in some drive in some computer.

so that is how I think you’ll understand what a Host is.

A host is where you’ll store all the parts of your website like the homepage.html, any images e.t.c.

and it is thus a basic part of creating a website as it is the place where you’ve kept and stored your website and put it on the internet where others can open it, much like you can open a file your D or C drive.

Here want to say that all the above knowledge is from my own Experience and may be wrong. feel free to correct me!


School. Thou art banished


So this is one of the first things i saw on WordPress and it feels like its right from my heart.

Anyone asking my teachers about my opinion on this would get to know how much i have complained about the “School System” to my teachers and Tried to convince them. I often joke that if i ever become a Minister, exams or rather Schools will be the first to go.

Don’t take me wrong. I said nothing about Education.

that the fine line i want to stress here.

Education : Yes

School System : no


somehow we’ve come to a point where both of these things are synonymous and this has to change.

Schools need a huge make-over, rather Surgery, because make-up wont make it look better.

  • Lets change the Subjects a bit and add some really useful things.
  • Ask the Students what they want
  • Freedom- give the child freedom to learn, what he wants to learn.

And a whole lot of other things but you get the point.


Hope you understand my point here!

feel free to Tell me if i’m wrong.



Never Trust Anyone On the Internet. For all you know, I might be a Dalek.

-My piece of advice

In the Name of God.The Beneficent, the most Merciful

So there goes my First Blog Post,

I am here because i spend a lot of time , pointlessly surfing the internet(Sounds Familiar?) so why not do something productive and get my Opinion through to the world.

I might blog about a lot of things . Mainly my take on all the different things in the world around me. Maybe Humour , satire, Politics, Education and some Guides too for computers and technology and make life easier for the readers.

In the mean Time .

watch out!

See you